IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #2/12 : Crime 02

Some people think most crimes are the result of circumstances like poverty and other social problems. others believe that they are caused by people who are bad in nature. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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As a society, we are always trying to determine why crimes are committed. Some people believe that poverty or other social problems are the reason for most crimes. Other people maintain that some people commit crimes because they are simply bad people by nature would agree with former opinion.

There is no doubt that some crimes are the result of poverty or social disadvantage. Some people become so desperate with their financial or social situation that they feel they have no choice but to commit crimes. They are aware of the consequences of committing the crime, but they are willing to take the chance of committing the crime because they are desperate to improve their situation and feel that they have nothing to lose.

On the other hand, there are people who commit crimes just because they are bad people As humans, we all like to believe that our fellow humans are good at heart. But with some crimes that are committed, we are reminded that some people are just not good people Maybe at some point in time these criminals were good people, but now circumstances and events in their lives have made them bad people with no empathy for others.

To conclude, most of the people who commit crimes out of desperation are still good people at heart. In other words, they are good people committing bad acts or making bad decisions. However, there are some people who are committing crimes just for the sake of committing crimes. It is difficult to feel an pity for those criminals, as they will often exhibit a total disregard for their fellow citizens with the crimes they commit.

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There are numerous reasons contributing to crimes. Some people hold the view that most crimes are the result of poverty and other social problems, while others assume that those who are innately bad cause crimes. From my perspective, I would go along with the former opinion.

Those who blame crimes on social problems have their reasons. For many criminals, crimes originate from lack of proper education from both parents and schools. If they get guidance from their parents and receive education about law, the possibility of violating laws will probably decrease. In addition, it is reported in news that many people commit crimes due to poverty. These people have few options in life and may long for things that they cannot afford. They do not have essential skills to make money and purchase these items, so they take a short cut and then crimes like theft happen.

However, others think oppositely. It is reported in some famous periodicals that some psychological characteristics related to crimes can be inherited and people can be influenced by these factors since childhood. But I cannot agree with the opinion. I believe human nature makes little sense in judging whether people can commit crimes or not and peoples behavior is mostly influenced by their surroundings, including their economic conditions,education background and social relationships.

To conclude, it is social problems rather than genes that lead to most crimes, human beings might have some characteristics that could do harm to the society, but these can be tamed early with education.