IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #2/12 : Crime 03

In many parts of the world children and teenagers are committing crimes.
Why do you think it is the case? How should children or teenagers be punished?

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Statistics show that children and teenagers are committing more crimes at a higher rate than ever before. I think that increased exposure to crime and violence is the main cause of increased crime among the very young. There are many different thoughts regarding how these young people should be punished for their crimes.

There is no doubt that movies television shows, Internet news stories and video games now show more violence than ever before. Children are often exposed to this violence at ages younger than ever before. Some of the violence is fictional and some of the violence is real.Either way, exposure to violence can give children and teenagers the idea that violence is acceptable and commonplace in society.

When children and teenagers are caught and convicted of crimes, I tend to disagree with the idea that all young people should receive the same penalties as adults for the crimes they commit. Young brains are not developed enough for some young people to fully understand the consequences of the crimes they commit. Moreover, everyone deserves a second chance and the loss of a young life to the punishment for a crime is not always reasonable.

However, the more serious the crime is and the older the child committing the crime is, the more serious the penalty is likely to be. Many juvenile delinquents are now being treated as adults, because society believes they are aware of the consequences of the crime crimes they commit.

In conclusion. mass media and the Internet are the main ways that violence spreads.Meanwhile, what penalties we should apply for those mistakes are certainly debatable.

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Juvenile delinquency has become a common problem in many countries these days. I think there are a few reasons that cause this.

The disharmonious relationship between family members is one of the most important factors leading to juvenile delinquency. Some children lack proper guidance, love and care from parents as they live in single-parent families, so they tend to take a revenge on the society. In addition, some children are likely to be influenced by their peers to challenge legal systems. The exam-oriented educational system is also to blame because it lays too much pressure on adolescents. Under such circumstance, they intentionally or unintentionally do the wrong things to let off some steam. Apart from that, due to the fact that children and teenagers lack self-control, they are easy to be lured by temptations like stealing for more pockets money, thus violating the law.

As to punishment methods, I think those who commit minor crimes like theft can be sent to do some voluntary work, which enables them to reconnect with the society and make some contribution. However, others should accept more serious punishment such as sending them to jail. However, no matter what the punishment is, the final purpose is to help them realize the mistakes and make them better people.

To conclude, the problem of juvenile delinquency has to do with parents, schools and governments. As to the punishment, we must be clear that our final aim is to educate them and make them better citizens rather than torture them mentally or physically.