IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #2/12 : Crime 05

Some people believe that in order to reduce crimes, prisoners should be given longer prison sentences while some people think there are other alternative ways.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Prison sentences have been the most effective way to punish criminals for several decades, while i think alternative methods like education can be better ways to correct bad behavior.

Longer prison sentences can reduce crimes and create a safer living environment for the public, because this can have deterrent effect on offenders. Either habitual offenders or prospective offenders are afraid of longer imprisonment, which is unbearable torture for them mentally and physically. Thus, they would think twice before they decide to carry out their crime plans.

On the other hand, alternative ways, such as vocational training, can help offenders become law abiding citizens. In contrast, longer prison punishment will only isolate prisoners from the society and they often end up failing to make a living on their own. But things will be different once they are offered classes to learn how to earn money in legal ways. After the training, they would become a useful member of society as vocational skills can help them find employment after they are released.

In my opinion, other correctional methods, in particular education, produce better outcomes in terms of reducing crimes. Juvenile offenders commit crimes because they cannot distinguish right from wrong, and most of them cannot foresee how serious the damage they caused is for victims even though some of them have been in prison before. So it is necessary to let education experts help them reflect upon their bad behavior, and guide them to behave in a socially acceptable way after being released.

In conclusion, longer prison terms can deter crimes, while other rehabilitation programs, like education and vocational training can build largely prevent more crimes in the future.