IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #2/12 : Crime 06

Nowadays some people have the anti-social behavior and are lack of respect to others.
What are the reasons? What are the solutions?

Today there is a large increase in anti-social behavior, such as stealing, robbery and bullying,in almost every country. Also, irresponsibility and disrespect to others are common. The reasons for the anti-social behavior are both complicated and varied.

One possible reason for people to show anti-social behavior is that they may be dissatisfied with certain policies made by the government, so they choose an extreme way to express their dissatisfaction. For example, a local government does not punish the businesses that cause pollution to the environment just because these companies pay a large sum of tax every year. As a result, some people intentionally hurt employees working for these companies as a warning. Another reason is that some people lack education in learning how to respect and how law works when they were young, so they fail to realize what harm their behavior would cause to others. I think this explains why they appear harmful to the society.

To address this problem, the government should listen to public opinions with an open mind,taking the benefit of all parties into consideration before making any policy, and make every effort to meet people’s demand in fields like living environment price index and working benefits. Public media should broadcast noncommercial advertisements to convey the importance of showing respect to others and obeying the law. Also, schools and parents ought to put emphasis on cultivating law-abiding consciousness and let youngsters know that only respecting others can obtain others’ respect.

In sum, any anti-social behavior is regarded as a threat to social order. Mostly, the ones that misbehave lack a good understanding in manners and law, so the government, media and education institutions need to join hands to solve this problem.