IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #2/12 : Crime 08

Some people think that lawbreakers should be sent to prison However, others think that better talents among those should be made to work.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In most countries of the world, prison sentences have been the most applied way to punish lawbreakers for decades. and i do not think it is helpful to use other kinds of punishment such as labor work for criminals with talents.

People who have broken laws should be sent to prison as we know, prison sentences will take away prisoners’ freedom, which can have deterrent effect on both habitual criminals and minor offenders. Even if some criminals have outstanding talents in certain fields, it does not mean that they can be freed from harsh punishment, especially those who have committed serious crimes.

Compared with giving a prison sentence, allowing these people to work can save taxpayers money on maintaining prisons and also contribute to the society. For instance, those who have a higher education background can be made to do work that matches their skills and knowledge. Making them provide service to the poor and the needy people is more meaningful than locking them up. As a result, this type of criminals will show gratitude for not being imprisoned.

In my opinion, law is the weapon to maintain social order and justice. If judges make convicts with talents work rather than impose prison sentence on them like others, it will definitely lead to the fury and disappointment of less-talented offenders. Also, it shows those who plan to commit crimes that there no need to worry about the consequences as their talents can save them from long period of prison life.

In conclusion, I believe that prison sentence should be fair to everyone, regardless of talents or intelligence levels.