IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #3/12 : Work 02


An increasing number of people are changing their careers.
What are the reasons? Do you think it is positive or negative?

Opinion 1

Some people wonder why career changes are becoming more prevalent and whether those more frequent changes are having a positive or a negative effect. Although one can certainly argue about the positive or negative effects, I believe that these changes can be positive, if the person making the career change is doing so for the right reasons.

Admittedly, companies come and go in our fast-paced world economy, so it is probably no longer realistic for a person to think that they will be able to start and finish working with the same company. Along the same lines, it should be noted that many companies and employers do not value loyalty as much as their counterparts from previous generations.

This trend can be positive if people change jobs for the following purposes. First, they make career changes in an attempt to find more satisfaction or fulfillment with their new career Second, they made a mistake in the previous career they chose for themselves but it is not late to pursue a more suitable one. Lastly, some people make career changes in search of a more desirable lifestyle, more career advancement, or a higher income.

If people choose a different career path so they can be happier or more fulfilled in their careers, I support them to do so Happy and fulfilled employees are more productive and their employers will be benefited. Everyone deserves the chance to have a better career development. If career change is the key to their future success, they should not hesitate to make the change.

Opinion 2

Nowadays, many young people tend to change their jobs very frequently. Several factors contribute to the phenomenon and i think it is a positive phenomenon as a whole.

Young people change their jobs for many reasons. Some young employees goal is to work in different kinds of companies to accumulate experience and gain a wide relationship network. In this way, they can have the advantageous background and have better chances of getting high-paying jobs than others. Another reason is that many young generations are more curious about new careers. Unlike their previous generations who were used to sticking with one job, young people nowadays are more willing to challenge themselves and break the status quo. Apart from that, it is not uncommon that some young employees lack career plans and blindly pursue well-paid jobs that are not suitable for them.

Pursuing new jobs has many advantages. Being exposed to various working fields, young people can broaden their experience and acquire new skills. In addition, fresh working environment can boost enthusiasm for work. For companies, they will be able to have new blood with inspiration to their teams. Although employers may need to look for replacements on a regular basis, this is inevitable. Holding people at positions that they no longer have interest in is far riskier than letting them go.

The change of careers is beneficial to both employees and companies’ development and companies should be more open-minded about this trend. as new staff bring new ideas and energy to the existing teams and contribute more to future development.

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