IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #4/12 : International 03


Some people believe famous people’s support towards international aid organizations draws the attention to problems, while others think celebrities make the problems less important.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Opinion 1

Some people believe that famous peoples’ support to international aid organizations helps to raise people s awareness of certain problems. I agree with this opinion to a large extent.

There is no doubt that celebrities can help make people aware of problems. As celebrities, they have a platform that others who are not celebrities might not have. If a musical group such as the world famous Irish rock band U2 wants to create awareness for a problem, they will have a much better chance of creating awareness and securing support for the cause than non-celebrities would have. If U2 is willing to perform a benefit concert to promote a cause, the media is likely to be interested in the story and the cause. Television networks might be willing to broadcast the concert. People will be willing to attend the concert to benefit the cause.

Some people maintain that celebrities detract from the problem, as people may then tend to focus on the celebrities instead of the problem itself. It is possible that their fans are not genuinely interested in offering help, rather they just do as told to please their idols.

In conclusion, it is important to note that there might be no awareness for the cause or the problem if the celebrities were not involved. If the celebrities are sincere in aiding the cause, their support will bring more positives than negatives. People are much more likely to show support if they know that some of their favorite celebrities are willing to donate precious time to support.

Opinion 2

In recent years, many celebrities become actively involved in helping international aids organizations. Some people think it is a great way to encourage more people to involve in the problem-solving. However, others just see the support as a tool to draw more attention on the celebrities themselves.

To be fair, a celebrity’s involvement in charity-related activities does catch a wider range of attention. They use a variety of media platform to publicize what they promote to support. As a result, their fans or sponsoring companies are likely to respond to the problems with money or other forms of support.

Of course, some people can argue that these famous people may not genuinely mean to help solve problems. Some celebrities only appear in the press conference and give a glamorous speech about why they decide to do. But after the publicity event, some never go back or follow up with the helping progress. Their fans probably would not bother asking for the progress either. After all, charity is just a tool to better these well-known figures’ images.

Personally speaking, I would stand up for those celebrities who take international aids seriously. Some of them go to poor countries regularly and offer help in person while others keep donating because they sincerely care, which encourages more people to follow their footsteps to offer assistance. As for those who just show up to look good, they do not deserve our respect. In a word, we should not forget the real heroes among them just because of some clowns.