IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #4/12 : International 04


Many countries believe that international tourism has harmful effects.
Why do they think so? What can be done to change their views?

Opinion 1

Some countries believe that international tourism is not beneficial. I believe the exact opposite and many of these countries should be able to reap the benefits of international tourism if their attitudes change.

For the countries that believe that international tourism is harmful, it seems that some of those countries are not sure what benefits foreign tourists can bring. They simply regard international tourists countries are not sure what benefits foreign tourists can bring. They simply regard international tourists as people who either cause pollution or chaos to their countries, so they do not want to be inconvenienced by tourists who are traveling throughout the country.

In terms of solutions, first of all, these countries should objectively analyse how other countries are benefited from international tourism before making any judgment. Soon they will see that it offers tremendous economic benefits to the host countries. People who travel to other countries are almost certain to spend money on hotels, restaurants, and local attractions. The money these tourists spend is money that was not previously circulating in the host country’ s economy, so those financial contributions can provide a major economic boost for the host country. Second, governments can set rules to regulate tourists behavior. For those who seriously affect local environment or social order, they will be blacklisted and deported for good. Also, educational programs can be made for teaching new comers what they can do and what is not allowed to do.

Countries who discourage international tourism should learn to analyse the economic benefits of it. Certain rules can be set to make sure that international tourists respect local culture and environmental regulations.

Opinion 2

Many people have a belief that there are harmful consequences from the popularity of international tourism. It leads to negative effects on domestic tourism industry and attracts trouble-making tourists from other countries.

Some people tend to associate the development of international tourism with the decline of domestic tourism. As people nowadays may expect more on traveling abroad for fresh-new experience, this change of preference in a way will first affect local tour companies’ business and then local economy. After all, these companies could not duplicate foreign cultures and environment in their own countries to cater for people’s expectation.

Another harmful effect of international tourism is associated with social disorder as people who have never been abroad before may not expect culture shock so they may cause some kind of disorder in the visited countries. Some tourists may be rude to waiters in a restaurant or not leave a tip after finishing meals. This can be very frustrating and annoying to local people.

The above reasons do bring bad reputation to international tourism, but there are practical ways to fix the problems. Firstly, domestic tour companies and tourist sites should seize the opportunity to adjust their services so that they can offset the loss of local tourists. Secondly, relative regulations and guidance should be implemented and offered to foreign visitors helping them understand new culture quickly before they cause any trouble. With these two measures, I believe fewer and fewer people would hold a negative attitude towards international tourism.

To conclude, being a threat to local tourism industry and causing social disorder, international tourism leaves a negative impression on locals. However, with proper methods, these problems can be avoided.