IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #5/12 : Education 02


Some people say that art subjects such as painting or drawing should not be made compulsory for high school students.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people say that compulsory subjects should not include the ones related to art such as painting or drawing for high school students. My opinion is that learning from art subjects will certainly benefit students, so there is a need to make these subjects compulsory.

Those people who say that art courses should not be compulsory contend that students should not be required to study a subject unless they have an interest in that subject. Those people often classify study of art as a waste of valuable time. They tend to question the benefit of studying a subject that a student never intends to use.

The people who speak on behalf of requiring students to study art maintain that a student can benefit from being exposed to new subjects and new areas of study. Allpeople have a practical side and a creative side. Even though a student intends to be an accountant, he might also find that he enjoys morecreative activities suchas painting, drawing, acting, singing, ordancing. So an effective way is that schools can introduce students to art activities that those students may enjoy, even if those activities are not related to their major course of study.

Although some students may object to having to take art courses in which they are not interested, those courses will expose them to different areas of study. Even if the student continues to be less interested in the arts, perhaps they will acquire an appreciation for those who pursue those areas of study. It is important for young students to be well-rounded and well-versed, even if through a compulsory course.