IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #5/12 : Education 07

In schools and universities, girls tend to choose arts subjects, while boys choose science subjects.
What is the reason? Should the trend be changed?

The typical subject choices of students at school and university tend to differ depending on whether they are male or female. I believe that everyone should be encouraged to choose subjectstheyarepassionateaboutregardlessofgender.Thisessaywilldiscussreasonsforthis trend before outlining whether it needs to be changed.

One possible cause of the phenomenon is parental expectations which are based on gender roles. Previously, men were expected to be the breadwinner of their household which explains the emphasis on pursuing scientific subjects which translate to higher paying jobs. For example, in poorer nations, parents only send their eldest son to study in subjects which will be able to support their family rather than what they may be passionate about. However, despite greater financial prosperity in recent times and more women receiving education than ever, these expectations have remained in place, which has led to a widening gap in subject choice.

However, being forced to choose a particular subject is not beneficial in the long run, and if people are being denied the chance to do what they love, then it is crucial that the situation change. Typically, people who can freely choose their university course are happier which is more likely to increase long-term economic productivity. Therefore, I believe combating the current trend is only necessary if the decision to choose a particular path is being stripped away from the male or female.

To conclude, dated parental expectations and gender roles could explain the different subject choices of boys and girls. Over all, it is essential that neither gender is forced into a decision and is free to pursue their passions at school.