IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #6/12 : Technology 01

Online shopping is now replacing shopping in the store.
Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

In many instances, online shopping is now replacing store shopping. Some people view this as s positive development; other people view it as a negative development. Although the benefit of online shopping are certainly understandable, it is my feeling that it will be a negative development if many retail stores are forced to close due to competition from online shopping sources.

The advantage of online shopping are obvious. People can read reviews on those items and can compare prices from various sources on the internet. Without even leaving their home,they can order and receive online products, often at prices which are similar or even lower than the prices they would receive in a retail store. So, the benefits of online shopping are undeniable.

That being said, retail stores also offer advantages that are undeniable Retail stores allow people to touch, feel, and maybe even demonstrate the product, in front of customers. For example, if a person is interested in purchasing a smartphone works, a salesperson can walk him through. Also, ordering groceries online means that customers will not be able to touch or feel those fruits, as they would if they purchased those items in the supermarket.Moreover, not everyone is patient enough to wait for their orders for a few days whereas they can receive these items immediately in a real store.

There is no doubt as to why online shopping is becoming more and more popular. However,retail shops offer benefits which are not available with online shopping. It remains to be seen how much online shopping will affect people’s retail shopping options, but I think people will be better served if both options remain available.