IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #7/12 : Tourism 02



Thanks to the development of air travel and telecommunication, contacts between different parts of the world have developed quickly.
To what extent do you think societies benefit from the increased contact and closer relationship with foreigners brought about by international business and tourism?


Opinion 1

With the development of air travel and telecommunication, we are now living in a smaller world. Some people question whether societies benefit from international business and tourism. Although there can be negatives resulting from the smaller world, I believe that the positives outweigh the negatives

As people, we can all benefit from learning about other countries and cultures. If we are able to meet people from other countries and cultures it will be much easier to understand them their way of living, and their values and beliefs. In getting to know people from other cultures it will be easier to consider them as friends instead of strangers or adversaries. This attitude ill foster a spirit of cooperation instead of antagonism throughout the world.

Also, this increased international contact can foster increased tourism and business between countries. There is no doubt that this increased tourism can produce economic benefits for

the corresponding countries. International tourists who are visiting other countries will purchase goods and services in restaurants, hotels, shops, and local attractions. The money they spend is money that was not previously circulating in the economy of the host country.

On the negative side, a society will be well served to maintain its identity despite the influx of international tourists and their cultures. If a society loses its identity and becomes homogenized, then that society will risk losing its culture, its heritage and its sense of being.

Although there can be some negatives resulting from increased contact and closer relationships between people of different countries, the financial social, and global benefits of that contact outweigh any possible negatives.


Opinion 2

Due to the rapid development of air travel and telecommunication relationships between different parts of the world have become closer and closer. With the technical improvement, international business and tourism are greatly changing the society, which, I think, brings both benefits and drawbacks.

During recent years, the prosperity of international tourism has dramatically promoted mutual understanding and cleared up misunderstanding among different cultures, which is beneficial to improving cultural integration and globalization. Also, the tourism industry has created numerous job opportunities for local people and greatly increased average income.In addition, the economic exchanges among different regions have promoted business cooperation. It is acknowledged that international trades have become the driving force of the economy in many developing countries. Many small businesses in countries like India are receiving outsourcing IT tasks form companies in Us or make hardware components for international computer manufacturers.

However, international tourism and telecommunication can cause harm It is reported in many countries that quite a few foreign visitors did not prepare before they entered the destination countries and their behavior seriously annoyed local people For example, some foreign tourists may misbehave and offend local people by using wrong hand gestures. As result, locals gathered and set up campaigns against tourism from other countries. Some multinational companies have taken the dominant place in the market, local companies and factories has no choice but close down due to loss of market share.

In summary, the development has both benefits and drawbacks to the society. It can boost economy, promote mutual understanding while it also leads to social and economic problems.