IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #7/12 : Tourism 03


Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists and not local people.
Why is the case? What can be done to attract local people?

Opinion 1

Many museums and historical sites are less attractive to local people. There are a few common reasons why this may be happening and i believe there are some things that can be done to change the situation.

As for why the local people are not regularly visiting these places, it may be that they have already visited one or maybe even a few times, so they do not feel there is a reason to visit again. Also, it should be pointed out that some local people may not want to mix or mingle with tourists. Besides, the groups or organizations that promote these local attractions will focus all of their advertising efforts and expenditures in targeting tourists, not the locals.

There are a number of methods that might be useful to attract local people to these local attractions. Advertisements could be used to remind the local of those attractions also museums and historical sites should consider adding exhibits or events which will encourage the locals to visit more frequently. For example, a museum might decide to change some of its exhibits every few months or so. a historical site might decide to host various special events such as historical anniversary celebrations or reenactments. New additions or events could be very effective in encouraging the locals to visit these places on a more regular basis.

Although tourists may be the lifeblood of many museums and historical sites locals should not be ignored in the marketing efforts for these attractions. Unlike the tourists, the local people have easy access to these places and they will be able to visit those attractions much more frequently if there is a reason for them to visit.

Opinion 2

Museums and historical sites feature an immense array of artifacts and details that mark and show how a civilization has progressed and advanced to what it is today. Nevertheless, it is true that local people do not normally take the initiative to visit these sites and people who take the time to visit them are mostly tourists.

In my opinion, people in general are becoming less interested in history and culture,especially the history of their own country. Locals are generally more interested in going out with their friends and visiting more exciting places, with museums and historical sites deemed as boring or unappealing. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other sides. As a result, people are usually more interested in the history and culture of countries other than their own. This also explains why the main group of people who visit museums and historical sites are tourists.

There are many measures that could be taken to change this. For example, most museums and historical sites are boring because they are non-interactive and the descriptions of the exhibits normally involve having to rad long texts and scientific explanations. This will unequivocally put many people off and not make them return. One way to change this would be to make the exhibits more modern, interactive and hands-on. this will change the way the visitors interact with the exhibits and maintain their interest level for a longer period of time.

In conclusion, I think that museums and historical sites are great places to learn more about a country. More should be done to change the way people think about these places, otherwise history will just be lost in the ruins of its former predecessors.