IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #7/12 : Tourism 04

Air travel can only benefit the richest people in the world. The ordinary people can get no advantage with the development of air travel.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Opinion 1

Some people contend that ordinary and common people derive no benefits from air travel only the richest people in the world benefit from that. Although there can be no argument that air travel is more readily accessible to the rich, I disagree with the assertion that ordinary and common people do not receive any benefits from it.

On one hand there is no doubt that air travel can be expensive compared to other forms of transportation. This makes it more available to the rich than to the common people who
simply cannot afford to travel by air

That being said, it should be pointed out that air travel is a major means of travel for business and commerce. In that role. air travel can facilitate commerce. and that commerce can provide a boost to the economy. Common and ordinary people can benefit from a robust economy, even if the themselves are not able to use air travel. Also, it should be noted that many common people are employed as a result of the airline industry. That includes baggage handlers, customer service representatives, and reservation personnel Some other common people derive income from air travel indirectly, which includes taxi cab drivers, airport security personnel, and even hotel employees.

Although it is fair to say that air travel is not always accessible for the common class it should also be pointed out that air travel and the air travel industry facilitate commerce within a society. Besides, air travel and the airline industry provide jobs and livelihoods for many people in the common class, both directly and indirectly.

Opinion 2

With the development of global economy, there is an increasing demand for air travel. Some
people believe that air travel is a benefit only for rich people, however, I think that the development of air trip benefits not only rich passengers, but also ordinary people.

Admittedly, rich people account for a rather big part of air passengers, as they normally have
more traveling opportunities than poor people. As for low-income group, they tend to choose cheaper means of transportation such as trains and coaches to reduce their spending. Furthermore, rich people travel by air in order to save time and enjoy better travel experience, which is not usually the priority for ordinary people. Therefore, air travel service seems to only benefit rich people most.

However, the development of air travel does not just bring a higher level of service and facilities. A well-developed aviation system involves a modern airport with more staff members, which would provide an increasing number of jobs for those laid-off workers helping them return to the workplace. On the other hand, for those places that are difficult for oars to arrive, a highly-developed air travel industry can compensate and stimulate local tourism, attracting travelers from all over the world, breaking geographic barriers. Therefore the air travel development would create profit and increase the income of employees in retail, transportation, and service industry.

To conclude, I think that the beneficiaries of the development of air travel are not merely the
rich population, because many ordinary people can find jobs and earn money from this development.