IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #7/12 : Tourism 05


In some countries many young people choose to work and travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Opinion 1

There are advantages and disadvantages in terms of travelling or working for a year before going to university A student should consider the positives and negatives of such a decision before deciding whether to do that or not.

Those who decide to work for a while before entering university might be able to earn some money to help offset university costs and expenses. These young people might really enjoy the break from studying and then return much more refreshed and ready to attend university. More importantly, it is possible that the travel or work experiences might help them with their university studies, either by giving them additional life experiences to draw on or giving them additional perspective and focus on what they want to accomplish at the university and beyond.

There are also negative aspects. If one is not strongly motivated, they may never make the effort to resume school. Or, if one is working, they may grow accustomed to the salary they earn with that job and they may decide to forego further education in favor of their regular paychecks, even if they know that they might be able to earn more money or have a more rewarding career from a university education.

It is understandable why some young people are interested to take a break between high school and university. Such a break offers an opportunity for that young person to experience the world, either through work or travel. However, before students make the decision to take a break, they should also consider the possible negatives involved in such a decision.

Opinion 2

Gape years have always been fiercely discussed and debated between adults and students.On one hand, we have students who are tired after studying for many years and want to take a break to experience life as a working adult or a backpacker. On the other hand, we have more competitive students and adults who prefer to spend their time more efficiently and continue their studies. Both sides are right to a certain extent, and the decision will ultimately e based on the priorities of each individual.

The advantages of taking a gap year are numerous. It is understandable that students want to take a break and try something different after studying for at least then years. Many of them want to travel and see the world, and that is something that i fully encourage. Traveling opens up perspectives and makes us more acute of everything that is happening around the world. Many of them also want to work and try a specific job, I think this is an amazing idea s students at this age normally do not really know what they want to do and this could help them decide, instead of making a bad choice in university.

This does not come without disadvantages. For a competitive student, every day is time that could be spent pursuing higher studies. Compared to someone who has taken a gap year, a student who continued studying will start a career earlier or gain more time for further education.

Despite the disadvantages, I would strongly prefer taking a gap year as spending a year in trying out new things will always be a better option.