IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #8/12 : Media 03

News media are important in modern society.
Why are they so important?
Are their influences generally positive or negative?

Opinion 1

The news media plays an important role in our society Some people contend that the media has a negative influence: other people maintain that the media has a positive influence. I believe that the media has neither a positive nor a negative influence, as they are simply distributing the news, not making the news.

We are living in an age of information in which most people value news. The news media is the main vehicle for all of the national and international news people receive and also much of the local news. Without the media or without access to the media we would remain largely uninformed. Although some news is certainly trivial, other news can be very important.For example, if a hurricane is projected to hit a certain area, the news media can inform people of that and warn those people to take necessary precautions. With this information,thousands of lives might be saved Without the news media, the people who are threatened by the hurricane might have no way of knowing the dangers that lie ahead.

When the news media is reporting an event, it is their responsibility to report it accurately and objectively. If they are doing this, then their influences should be neither positive nor negative In essence they are delivering the news, rather than making the news.In conclusion, the news media provides valuable information to society. In most instances,this news is objective and accurate. After people have received the news distributed by the media, they can then determine how they feel about that news. Therefore i believe the news media should not be considered a positive influence or a negative influence as it is simply the messenger.

Opinion 2

News media have become an indispensable component of our daily life by which people can get the latest information and attain knowledge. However, news media also have negative effects to the society and people should be fully aware of it.

News media are significant as they give us the latest information on events that are happening around us or in other countries. For example, weather forecasts and the information of traffic situations broadcasted on the radio can help local residents to make proper plans for traveling. In addition, providing different kinds of new, news media give us a broader range of knowledge and thus enhance our criterial thinking in making daily decisions. Most importantly, to some politicians, news media are a platform where they can demonstrate their political opinions and get votes.

The wide spread and the rapid development of news media are positive to the society as whole despite some problems. News media have dramatically facilitated our life. Nowadays people can get almost whatever information they want by news media, which provides more access to information. However, news media can cause problems as well. There is a possibility that some people will fully trust all the information from the news and lack judgment on reality. Additionally, news media can lead to social chaos. For example, too much dis closure of crime details would lower the sense of security in the society.

It is no doubt that news media are of great significance to the society and should be highly advocated. But citizens ought to be aware of its benefits and weaknesses.