IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #8 : Media 05

People are surrounded by many kinds of advertising which can influence their life.
Do the positive effects of this trend outweigh negative effects?

Opinion 1

These days, people can see advertisements almost everywhere. I believe that advertising can have both a positive effect and a negative effect on consumers.

On the positive side, companies use advertisements to sell their products. In advertising, a company can certainly create awareness and business for its products. For the consumer, advertisements can keep people informed as to which products are available. Some advertisements will even provide information which consumers can use in determining whether to buy a product. Therefore these advertisements can create enough awareness to influence a person ‘ s buying decisions. If advertising was not helpful in selling a product, companies would not be advertising.

As to whether advertising can produce negative influences on people, it certainly can Advertising can often get consumers to purchase products they do not need or cannot afford. For example, a smartphone commercial might convince us that we need the newest and latest smartphone model when we really do not need that or when we really do not have a budget to afford it. Advertisements for alcohol, cigarettes, or prescription drugs might lead to underage drinking, alcoholism, smoking, or drug abuse and addiction Advertisements often glamourize a product to the point where consumers might see the benefits of the product, but not the possible negative side effects of the product.

In closing, advertising provides a very successful way for companies to promote their products and for consumers to attain the information they need to make buying decisions That being said, it is important to note that advertising can influence us negatively, we should be cautious of these influences as we determine what products to purchase.

Opinion 2

These days, advertisements can be seen everywhere. They may assist people to find what is in need quickly, however, I would argue that they mostly affect people’s lives in a negative way despite of the convenience.

Due to too much advertising, many people have developed a mindset that is to buy more and waste more. This way of thinking always encourages a consumer to discover new items because they tend to think there will be better replacements for what they have possessed.Even if they are in poor financial condition, they would still try their best to bring home the things they do not actually need.

Moreover, people have to learn to block advertising, which is time-consuming and tedious.Their phones, email boxes are places which can be easily filled up with all kinds of information about unwanted items or services. They just cannot stop the annoyance which is continual and they always need to spend time in getting rid of text messages and letters from companies and shopping malls.

Although advertisements may help people to make the right purchases by giving them adequate information on the items, I still think some business have gone too far on this approach through bombarding phones and email boxes. Too much product exposure will confuse people of all age groups and mislead them to buy unnecessary items, which will be a waste of money and resources.

To conclude, advertising in our everyday life has caused shopping obsession and annoyance which surly have a negative impact on individuals. and this cannot be offset by its limited benefits.