IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #8/12 : Media 07

Research shows that over-eating is as harmful as smoking. Therefore, advertising for certain food products should be banned in the same way as cigarette advertising in many countries.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Opinion 1

Research shows that overeating leads to harmful effects on people s health, so some people contend that governments should prohibit businesses from advertising for certain food products. I disagree with this contention, as I believe that individuals need to be responsible for their own decisions as to whether to eat healthy foods or not.

It is true that some food products can be harmful, especially if not consumed in moderation.And there is no doubt that overeating is currently a major problem in regards to health concerns.

But it is my feeling that the government should not be dictating what people can eat and hat they cannot eat, even if that is by dictating which foods can be advertised and which cannot. There is a fine line in determining which food products are harmful and the degree to which they are harmful. Most foods. if consumed in moderation as recommended, are not harmful.

Ultimately, people need to be responsible for their own health, their own eating habits, and their own weight In banning advertising on certain food products, the government would be discouraging people from taking responsibility for their own eating habits and decisions. The government and society would be better served to simply educate people regarding the negative health consequences of overeating, possibly through some free advertisements on various media.

As long as food is healthy if consumed in moderation, the government should not dictate Which foods can be advertised and which foods cannot be advertised It will be better for the government to encourage good eating habits through education.

Opinion 2

Nowadays, many people have the tendency to overeat, which is proven to be harmful to health. Consequently, some people hold the view that advertisements on certain food products should be banned, so that more people’s health can be maintained. To some extent, I agree with the opinion.

Some kinds of food such as french fries and hamburgers are known to have bad influences on people’s health. Overeating them not only leads to obesity, but also causes other diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. However, most of the current advertisements use seducing images and invite popular celebrities to attract people’s attention and lure them to purchase the addictive food. Furthermore, these commercials tend to hid bad effects, so consumers would not realize that they are facing potential health threats until they start feeling sick. Therefore, considering customers’ wellbeing, it is necessary to ban certain food advertisements.

However, simply banning some food advertisements is far from enough. It is just a short-term solution because it can only decrease customers’ exposure to some junk food temporarily. The best solution is to change people’ s view on how much they should eat and educate them about nutrition When people clearly understand the consequences of obsession on addictive food, they will reduce the intake of junk food consciously and maintain a healthy diet.

To conclude, banning certain food commercials can be an effective and quick way to improve people’s health conditions, but customers should also be aware of the importance of developing a healthy eating habit.