IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #9/12 : Social 01

In recent years, young people in many countries choose to live by themselves.
What are the reasons and is it positive or negative for the development of the society

Traditionally, young people often lived with other people. Now, more young people are choosing to live by themselves. Some people question whether this trend will have a negative or positive impact on the development of society.

Some people are choosing to live by themselves for convenience purposes. Maybe they have a lengthy commute back and forth to work and it is no longer reasonable to live such a distance away They want to live close to where they work and a roommate or someone to live with is not an option, at least not an immediate option. Some people choose to live alone because they dislike the inconveniences of cohabiting with someone who has different living habits. Other people choose to live alone simply because they are introverts and they do not enjoy social contact.

Although a person should certainly have the right to determine whether they live alone or not, it is important to note that human contact and social interaction remain important to a persons development and well-being. Human beings are social creatures and studies have shown that we can all benefit from social interaction. Many of us think that we can enhance our lives with computer time television time, or smartphone time, but face to face interaction can still be beneficial and enriching.

It remains to be seen if there will be any long-term effects from the current trend of people living alone, but there is a possibility that this trend may have a negative impact on people’s ability or interest in social interaction.