IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #9/12 : Social 02

Some people think it is more important to plant more trees in open area in towns and cities than provide more housing.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people think the importance of planting more trees in the open areas of towns and cities outweighs offering more housing. I believe finding a balance point in urban planning is the key here is no doubt that the presence of trees and flowers near our living areas provides beauty that can add to the ambiance of the area. Trees, flowers, and plants can be enjoyed by many people.

That being said, many towns and cities also need additional housing Without plentiful and reasonably priced housing, it can be difficult for a city to attract new residents and new workers. the lifeblood of any city is its residents and its workers. Residents and workers are necessary for any city to maintain a healthy economy.

I think most cities will do best in striking a balance between ambiance and practicality. If all the open spaces in a city or town are used to plant trees and flowers, the area will look beautiful, but there will not be many people living there to enjoy the beauty. If all the open spaces in a city are used for new housing then the area will be lacking the beauty or ambiance that may attract the potential residents who are needed to maintain a healthy economy. As a result, many cities now require developers to incorporate trees, flowers, and plants into the residential areas they design and build. This plan allows the”best of both worlds”, as more housing is then available and those new residential areas continue to have the trees, plants, and flowers which create a healthy living environment