IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #9/12 : Social 03

The major cities in the world are growing fast and many problems occur.
What are the problems that young people live in cities are faced with? What solutions do you suggest?

Opinion 1

Many major cities in the world have grown to a point in which they now have some serious problems Young people who are living in these cities are often left to solve these problems by themselves.

There are three difficult problems that some major cities are facing now. One of the biggest problems is the lack of affordable housing in these cities. Most young people are not yet established in their jobs or their careers. As a result, their income may not be sufficient in order to survive the city’ s cost of living.Some cities are also lacking job opportunities, although most major cities are still able to offer more jobs than smaller cities or towns. Also, crime and safety issues appear to be more prevalent in major cities as compared to smaller cities or towns.

There are a few solutions that can be considered. As for the lack of available reasonably-priced housing issue, the city might offer financial incentives for developers to build more affordable houses and apartments. In terms of the lack of job opportunities, the cities might offer tax breaks for larger employers to move into the city from other places With crime and safety, the city might simply hire more police officers.

To sum up, although many cities have their problems, these problems can often be overcome with detailed planning. Cities still have many opportunities to offer, including jobs, careers, easy access to education. and medical facilities. If the resources are provided in time, the problems mentioned above will decrease.

Opinion 2

With some and more young people flooding into big cities for better life, they are facing more and more problems, such as unemployment, health problems and tense interpersonal relationships proper solutions should be taken to help them solve the problems.

Unemployment is undoubtedly the most common problem that most young people live in large cities are faced with. Being confronted with the fierce competition in the job market and lacking practical skills, a high percentage of young people find it hard to gain a decent job to support themselves. In addition, most young people are too busy to have outdoor activities, and many of them are used to overeating fast food. As a result, they end up with poor physical conditions and weak immune systems.That’ s more, some young employees have problems in handling with complex relationships. They may have difficulty in communicating with their senior managers and cooperating with colleagues.

Therefore, effective measures ought to be taken to tackle the problems. Firstly, young people should improve their practical skills and set reasonable life goals that suit their abilities. Secondly, healthy lifestyles ought to be pursued. For example, they can reduce the intake of sugar and fat. In the meantime, they must reduce the frequency of using computers and mobile phones and regularly take part in sports. Thirdly, they should learn essential communication skills to deal with people at work.

To conclude, if young people can make changes in the above fields, I believe they will be able to survive in big cities.