IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #9/12 : Social 06

Nowadays, most countries improve the standard of living through economic development. But some social values are lost as a result.
Do you think the advantages of the phenomenon outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, it is a common phenomenon that economic development in many countries has resulted in the change of social values. think the disadvantages of losing some of the important values may outweigh the advantages.

Admittedly, when the living conditions improve, people will probably follow a new system of values. For example, some people throw away clothes that are still in good condition as this is no longer a shameful behavior in order to pursue the latest design. Adults would care more about privacy, rather than tell their neighbors about their life as much as they used to. Being humble is no longer a must, as they are willing to show off what they have achieved or possessed.

However, this is not to say that we can gain economic achievement at the price of losing important social values. Some people lose the awareness of protecting the environment and endangered animals just for making money. The massive killing and hunting have been threatening ecosystem. Others tend to be less friendly towards others as they find it unnecessary to offer help. Consequently, people are cold-hearted these days. The young generations are confused with what is right and what is wrong.They are inclined to focus on their own benefits. Without maintaining good values, the social environment is becoming cruel and hostile Crimes and chaos will soon break out and destroy the achievements of economic growth.

To conclude, the loss of social values will sooner or later have a serious impact on the society and people’s standard of living Therefore, a livable society must focus on creating economic success as well as spreading proper social value at the same time