IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #9/12 : Social 08

Some people believe that the society should be based on rules and laws.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Rules and laws are indispensable parts of this modern society. i think they play a vitally important role in the development of a more advanced society.

Whether a society can be regarded as civilized is normally decided by the maturity of its legal system.The more sophisticated the laws are, the higher degree of civilization will be. Countries that are experiencing a fast growth in economy are usually those with well-rounded legal system which balances the benefits of all social members. In contrast, with poor legalization, the power of government is weakened. Then war and crimes are inevitable, not to mention poverty.

Moreover, laws can help build a stable society and people would feel a strong sense of security living in this kind of society. Rules can regulate people’s behaviour and force them to become law-abiding citizens Under the restriction of law, people are more likely to behave well and less likely to do harm to others. Even when some of them struggle with survival, they would not cross the bottom line.

Meanwhile, society needs legal systems due to the fact that these regulations could bring people much closer with each other. Laws have defined people’s duties and legal rights so that they will respect others and do not infringe others’rights. For example, because of property laws, people are unable to deprive of other citizens’ property ownership. This will result in fewer conflicts and people would show more mutual respect to other members of society.

In conclusion, rules and laws are symbols of a civilized society and it would help members of society build relationship with each other, thus creating a closely-knit society.