IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #9/12 : Social 10

Surveys show that people are living longer in many countries. But increased life expectancy has many implications for aging individuals and for society as a whole.
What are the possible effects of longer living for individuals and society?

Over the past decades, the world has seen a huge extension in life expectancy in a number of countries Scientists strive for the secret of eternal youth, but they have also worried about the consequences of having aging population. Although living longer is good news for individuals and their families,personally think that we cannot ignore the problems that it brings to the country and the society.

Living a longer life means that people have more time to achieve more goals, such as traveling, working learning something new. Also, the old generation’s longevity is almost every family’s wish, since the loss of family members will be hard for people to accept. On the other hand, the extension of life expectancy motivates social progress as it shows that a country has established a strong medical care system to protect citizens from life-threatening illnesses.

However, there are also some problems brought up by the increase of old population and the problems should not be neglected First, ageing population is dragging a country s economy, as the soaring number of senior citizens requires more social resources. they do not create social wealth but bring challenges to national Medicare system. And for the elderly people, prolonging their life may not make too much sense due to the decline of biological functions. Even if they can live ever longer, they might have to follow the simplified routine day by day because their physical condition prevents them to achieve more.

In conclusion, this phenomenon may increase the happiness of individuals and the society’s continual progress, but we should be aware of its negative effects and should balance the proportions o different age groups