IELTS Writing 12 Topics Samples #6/12 : Technology 04


People can live and work anywhere they want to choose because of improved communication technology and transport.
Do the advantages of this development outweigh disadvantages?

With today’s communication technology and transport, many people can now choose to work anywhere they want. Although there are advantages and disadvantages to people being able to work from anywhere, I believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

When being able to choose where they work, employees will not worry about moving home.Some people prefer to be close to their families; other people prefer to stay in the country away from the city. Maybe some opt to live near an elderly parent so they can care for that parent.

Sometimes people decide to live in communities other than where their company is located because those other places have a lower cost of living For example, if a company is located in a large city, the cost of living in that city may be high. As a result, employees may decide to live in areas outside the city because those outlying areas are less expensive or because they have more available housing.

Moreover, if the company is located in the city, the city itself might be glad to have some people working and living outside the city, because if all those people working or living in the city, it might create congestion problems, especially traffic jams.

In terms of the disadvantages, it is likely that the communication may not be as smooth as expected. However, today’s telecommunication technology enables people to send videos pictures and other types of documents, so as long as employees agree on the measures for effective communication, it should not be a big problem.

Although there can be some disadvantages in having people live and work anywhere they want, those disadvantages are often exceeded by advantages.