Academic Test

Rather than trying to give reasons for the elements shown in the diagram or describing every detail, concentrate only on significant features.

  • Your Description should start with a brief overview of the object(s) and its purpose.
  • Then focus on how the object works or significant similarities and differences between the objects.
  • Vary your language where possible, and use a range of vocabulary and structures.
  • Your description should end with a summarising statement.

General Training Test

  • Read the question carefully to make sure that you fully understood the function of the letter—the reason for writing it.
  • Underline the key words to help you decide on the appropriate style and tone of the letter.
  • Study the bullet points given in the instructions and plan what to say about each point.
  • Write the letter in full sentences; bullet points and notes are not acceptable in a letter.


To answer the question(s) in Task 2 of both the Academic and General Training tests, you need to decide on how to approach the task. There are two options to choose from: an argument-led approach and a thesis-led approach.

For example, compare the following two rubrics:

  • Nowadays we are producing more and more garbage. Why do you think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the amount of garbage produced? (two questions)
  • Nowadays we are producing more and more garbage. What can governments do to help reduce the amount of garbage produced? (one question)

In the first task you are required to give several reasons for ‘producing more and more garbage’ and to give several solutions, linking these to the reasons you have mentioned before. Therefore, you will probably use the argument-led approach.

In the second task you are asked only one question. The thesis-led approach would be the most suitable for this task.

Argument-Led Approach

The argument-led approach is useful when discussing different views, comparing advantages and disadvantages, or analysing problems and suggesting solutions. You must show that you can summarise and evaluate the argument logically, supporting both opinions with clear supporting evidence.

Step 1 : Underline key words in the exam question.

This will help you focus your answer on the key points, then brainstorm ideas for both sides of the argument, that is, both for and against the issue.

Here is a sample task rubric with the words underlined:

Celebrities such as actors, athletes and musicians earn large salaries compared to other professionals. Some people consider this unfair,while others think that celebrities deserve to be paid a lot for the work they do.

Discuss both points o[view and give your opinion on the subject.

Step 2: Show clear links between the main argument and the supporting arguments.

In your introduction, re-word the question showing the topic clearly and state the opinion(s) that you will go on to discuss.

Here’s a sample introduction statement:

Famous movies stars, popular musicians and athletes often get paid a paid a lot more than other professionals. While this may not seem fair to many it is a mast:er of debate oil:h several strong arguments for and against celebrities earning a lot more than people in other professions.

Remember that each paragraph should have one main argument—start a new paragraph when you start a new main idea. Develop contrasting views, problems and solutions, advantages and disadvantages. Maine sure you justify each point with clear supporting material. Do not forget to provide a logical argument wherever you refute the opposing opinion.

Here is a sample of two body paragraphs:

On the one hand, celebrities who work in multi-billion-dollar industries such as cinema or sport help to generate a lot of jobs, For example, such events as rock concerts create employment opportunities for people working in catering, logistics and publishing. Some of the money famous people receive is put to a good cause. ID is not uncommon for celebrities to give generous donations to charity organisations and to participate in charity fund-raising events.

On the other hand, those who think that paying huge amounts to celebrities is unfair may argue that famous people do not have much to offer except I:heir image. Their success and popularity do nod result from many years of academic study or experience, but are created by the media and celebrity crazed culture.

Step 3:Provide a strong conclusion.

Conclude your essay by summarising the main points and stating your own personal view.

Here is a sample conclusion:

In conclusion, It is debatable whether many celebrities’  large salaries justified, and both critics and advocates seem No have plenty of arguments in support of their views. I personally think that famous people’s salaries should be proportional to the amount of money their talent helps to generate.


Thesis-Led Approach

The thesis-led approach is more effective when you are asked only one question or when you have a very clear opinion on the subject.

Step 1 : Underline key words in the exam question.

This will help you focus your answer on the key points, then brainstorm ideas for both sides of the argument, that is, both for and against the issue.

Step 2:Show clear links bet:ween the main argument and the supporting arguments.

State your opinion clearly in the introduction and use the subsequent paragraphs to justify and support your point of view. Your introduction should consist of the following elements:

  • the opinion or problem you are asked to discuss
  • your thesis

Here is a sample introduction statement:

Athlete, actors, and musicians all over she world earn large sums of money, while professionals in other very important areas receive one) a Traction of such Incomes. home peoplsbeisvethisisnotfainwhiteothsrsargucthatitisqufelogicalandacceptabsltis my belief that most professionals in sports and the entertainment industry receive salaries that reflect the value of Their work, and if is therefore justifiable.

Body paragraphs should contain a main or topic statement with supporting points. The topic statement is usually, but not always, in the first sentence of the paragraph.

Here is a sample body paragraph. The number 1 indicates a main idea and/or topic, while the number 2 indicates supporting points:

some people think these celebrities should earn more because they pay more in taxes , and Their work helps generate more jobs for other people. That is why entertainment is often called an industry. It involves thousands of people working on organising concerts, producing audio and video recordings, and doing other related work,

Step 3:Provide a strong conclusion.

The objective of the conclusion is usually to (re)state your final opinion. Your conclusion must logically follow the arguments you have presented in the body paragraphs. It should not contain any points or explanations, or add any new information. It should never lead to another discussion.

Here is a sample conclusion:

On balance, having considered the points employed by both sides of the argument,I feel that the income that these stars receive is proportional to the economic benefits they