May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic #1 Describe a piece of good news you recently heard from TV or the internet

Describe a piece of good news you recently heard from TV or the internet.
You should say:
What it was about;
When you got this news;
Where you got the news;
And explain why you think it was a piece of good news.

A month ago I got some good news: a new swimming center is going to be built in our neighborhood! According to the local news, the swimming center is going to replace an old stadium1.
It’s because the facilities of the stadium are pretty old and not many people go there nowadays. To use the land better, the city has decided to turn it into a swimming center.

As for where I got the news, well, almost a month ago I was checking the local news on my cellphone, and I found a piece of news that mentioned the swimming center. I was basically
surprised and very happy when I read the news.

I think it’s great news for most locals. Firstly, it’ll make life a lot easier for swimming fans like me. I’ll definitely go practice my swimming skills there pretty often. Plus, I believe relationships between neighbors can be improved. You know, normally, this kind of public sports center would hold tons of community events, like swimming games and pool parties.

Besides, in my view, it’ll also be an awesome place for people to wind down. You know, now we’re usually busy with work and study. So a swimming pool nearby will be a great place for people
to relax.