May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic #3 Describe an activity you do to stay healthy

Describe an activity you do to stay healthy.
You should say:
What you do;
When and where you usually do it;
How you do it (whether you enjoy it);
And explain why this activity helps you stay healthy.

Well, off the top of my head, the first one I can think of is swimming. Actually I believe swimming is good for almost everyone to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been a big fan of swimming for almost four years. When I went to my university, I found out that the school requires every student to pass the swimming exam. So I had to sign up for a
swimming class for beginners at my university. Then I gradually learned that swimming is helpful for people to keep healthy, and it can really help us build a healthy daily routine.

As for how to keep fit through swimming, well…firstly, I stick to practicing it on a regular basis. That’s really important, or you’ll pretty much waste all your efforts. Basically I go swimming about twice a week. After the swimming classes, I often went to a swimming center that’s close to my university. I practiced my swimming skills there pretty often.

I do think swimming can help me stay healthy. First of all, swimming has a good effect on building body shape. It involves the activity of each and every muscle of my body. So it can help
me gain more muscle strength. Besides, now I’m always busy with work and study. So swimming is a great way for me to relax.