May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #1 Describe a singer or band that you like

Describe a singer or band that you like
You should say:
Who the singer is
When you knew him or her
What he did
And explain why you like the singer/ the band

I’d like to talk about Taylor Swift, who is one of the most popular singers around the world in recent years and also, my favourite singer. I knew her for the first time on an English magazine called Crazy English about ten years ago, when I was in middle high school. There was a photo of her new albums on the cover and my attention was attracted from the first sight. She has released six albums and each of them is bestsellers. And recently she is preparing for the seventh. I like her not only because her talent in music but also her brilliant personality. She cares her fans and tries to build a good relationship with them. She would visit her fans in hospital and invite them to her house for the new song. She would sent thanks video to fans for their supports. The most important thing is that she is a strong woman and can find a way to prove her ability. Last few years, Taylor was misunderstood by the public because of some gossips. She was not depressed but wrote a new album to prove her talent.


Compared to several decades ago, has technology changed the way people listen to music today?
It is obvious that technology did change the way people listen to music today. Think back to 1990s. Cassette tapes and radio stations are the main ways that people listened to their favorite music. Now think back to the first ten years in 21st century. People were listening to music on CDs and downloading songs online was the newest technological craze. Today, both cassette tapes and CD’s are virtually obsolete and digital downloads are taking over the way we listen to our favorite songs. Each of these trends was possible because of new technology.

Is technology today (sometimes) used to produce music in ways that were not used before?
Technology has changed everything. There are multiple tools available to the modern musician, such as social media and music streaming services. The availability of these technologies finally takes music out of the hands of record labels and into the hands of the musicians themselves, which therefore enables more talented people to show their talents to the world.

Do you think the music that people listen to today is different to music in the past?
Yes, I think so. Music is a kind of art that reflects the culture of a certain period of time. As the society is changing day by day, the form of culture is also changing, therefore, the music we listen to today is different from the music in the past.

Do you like classical music?
Yes, I do. Classical music has a different feeling which doesn’t exist in rap, or pop, or even jazz. Listening to classical music always make me feel better in my body and spirit. It seems that body pain is soothed. I feel in touch with good things and in tune with the universal harmony or logic of things.

Do you think it’s important for songwriters and performers to receive money for their work?
Yes, I think so as this is a good way to show people’s praise for talented songwriters and performers, and is also a good method to encourage them to bring more amazing works to us.

Do school students have music classes in your country?
Of course, in my country, we have music classes since we are in kindergarten. Music accompanies us to grow up throughout the whole student life. It actually is a very important part of our school life.