May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #11 Describe someone you would like to study or work with

Describe someone you would like to study or work with
You should say:
Who this person is
How long you have known this person
What you have done together
And explain why you would like to work/ study with this person

I’d like to talk about Agnes who is my roommate. Agnes comes from Wuxi which is a big city located in Jiangsu province, the southern China.
Well I have known her since the first day I became a university student as I share the dorm with her.

Last semester, we took the marketing course together. Our teacher asked us to do a case study on a Chinese company in groups. In this case, I cooperated with Agnes which was really a good experience. We chose Huawei as the subject.At that time I was responsible for figuring out the reason why it is welcomed by customers and Agnes was responsible for discovering the way it cooperates with the government and local authorities. Then we come up with several suggestions together. At last we achieved 95 out of 100 and I am quite proud of the score.

Now let me tell you why I would like to study and work with her. Agnes is a smart and considerate girl. Actually before I started to do the teamwork last semester I thought it would be tough. However she made a specific and reasonable plan so we managed to conduct the project smoothly. It was because of the plan that we could do things in right sequence and complete the project ahead of time. In addition, Agnes has a sense of responsibility. You know when doing teamwork there is a risk that your partner is not willing to do anything and then you have no choice but to do all of the work by yourself. Luckily, Agnes worked hard and she even gave me several suggestions on my part. I hope we can do a teamwork again in the future.

Part 3:

What do you think of a good university?

First of all, a good university should be a place where students can acquire professional knowledge and improve themselves. This requires teachers of the university to be highly qualified. In addition, various information and references should be available in the library. In addition, a good university should also create an environment where students are free to share ideas with other students and professors and conduct experiments or projects on subjects that they are interested in. Well I think whether a university is good or not can be judged by whether students of it like it.

Should children choose their own desk-mate?

No, I don’t think so. If children have the right to choose their deskmates, they would definitely sit with their best friends. In this case, they may keep talking with deskmates and get distracted while having classes, which is obviously not good for acquiring knowledge. Therefore, I believe it is more proper to let teachers choose deskmates for each student.

What’s the difference between choosing your own deskmate and arranging by your teacher?

If children have the right to choose their deskmates, they would definitely sit with their best friends. While if deskmates are chosen by teachers, I guess height of each student is the first thing that will be taken into consideration so that everyone can have a good sight. In addition, teachers will not let children who are naughty sit close.

What are the qualities of a good friend?

I think a good friend should be a person who is honest and who can always keep secrets. Good friends know each other well, so there is not supposed to be any cheating or lying. In addition, a good friend is someone with whom you can share anything including happiness, worries and even secrets. Therefore it is important that the trusted friend will never betray you or tell others about your secrets.

Do you prefer to have one or two close friends or a wide circle of friends?

Well as for me, I prefer to just have one or two close friends. This is because I do not belong to those people who are outgoing and usually engage in lots of social activities. I think the most important thing is to have several friends who really understand you and share common interest with you. Also, I guess even for people who have a wide circle of friends, the number of friends with whom they can share anything is still less than 5. Therefore, I feel delighted with the fact that I have 2 friends who really know me and care about me though the number is quite small.

In modern society, which do you think is more important, old friends or new friends?

I think they are of equal importance. Old friends are people who have known you for a long period of time. In this case, they can always understand you. You feel free and relaxed when stay with them as you know the habits and character of each other. On the other hand, new friends are people you meet when you get to a strange and new place. For example, when you enter university and when you change your job. Therefore, it is new friends who help you to adapt to the new environment. So, personally, I think both of them are important.

Do children and adults make friends in the same way?

No, they don’t. The world of children is much purer than that of adults. Children can be good friends simply by playing games together or sharing toys and snacks. I think children regard people with whom they can be happy as friends. However, for adults, friends are people who are always on their side. Friends would comfort you and help you when you are in trouble and be happy when you are happy. Therefore, adults make friends by showing sincerity to each other.

Do you think it’s easier to make friends today than it used to be?

Yes I do. Thanks to modern science and technology, lots of online communication applications have been invented. In this case, we are able to talk with people all over the world and get in touch with others at anytime and anywhere. On the contrary, it was difficult for people who lived in the past to contact others. At that time, the only way was to write letters which was slow and risky——letters may get lost during delivery. I believe communication is essential for making friends and since nowadays we have more ways and chances to talk with others, it is definitely easier to make friends.

Why do some people choose to make friends on the internet?

Well I think for everyone, friends are people who really understand you and care about you. For lots of people who fail to find such people in the real world, they tend to make friends on the internet. This is because you can meet lots of people from all over the world with totally different characters online. However, making friends online is also risky as lots of people pretend to like you and be your friend but finally cheat you of money.