May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #12 Describe an interesting old person you know

Describe an interesting old person you know. You should say:
Who he/she is;
When you knew his/her;
What you know about him/her;
And explain why you think him/her is interesting.

I’d like to talk about my home-stay father, Mr. Smith. I met him when I went to Australia as an exchange student and we kept in touch with each other till now. Mr. Smith is over 60 years old, well-dressed and always wears a kind smile. He behaves like a gentleman of the old school, but can you imagine that his hobby is skateboarding?

Mr. Smith was obsessed with skateboarding after he retired. I sill remember the first time he taught me how to skate. He lent me his red nice skateboard, held my hands and ran along with me when I was playing. My level was very low and often fell down, but he always treated me with patience and was ready to help.
Furthermore, whenever I meet Mr. Smith, I become pleased after talking with him. He is the man who will make you feel comfortable with his companion and you could not help laughing hearing his jokes. Sometimes he tells the stories of his youth. Sometimes he shares his travelling experience and other customs. I would say life is never dull when he is around.


Do you think young people always obey what the older people say they should do?
While most young people try to live an independent life, some others prefer to rely on the assistance of the older people, even always obey what the older people say. They behave like a puppet. I maintain that it is imperative for young people to depend on themselves.

Do you think young people should always do what the older people say they should do?
I don’t think so because I consider young people to be independent. I mean, they should have their own ideas of how the world should be and how to do things and the opinions from the older people are only for reference.

Who do you think should take care of those old people who need care?
In my opinion, the government, society and the offspring should take care of the old all together. Only one or two parties’ involvement will not be enough.

Should the family look after their elderly members, or the government?
In my view, the family should look after their elderly members rather than the government. On one hand, in most countries government pays the costs of health care and pensions, which means a big bill the taxpayers has to pay for. On the other hand, care and support from family members have an obvious effect on the elderly ‘s mental status.

How do you feel about sending an old person to live in an old people’s home?
I think nursing house can provide better facilities and services. Moreover, old people may meet people of similar age group, taste and hobby so that they will not get bored. In contrast, working people have less time to care for old people. Therefore, I believe sending an old person to nursing house is a good practice. However, it does not mean children can give up the responsibility to care older people. They should spend some time with the old.

Do you think old people can teach young people anything?
I do think old people can teach young people something because they have more experience. When young people meet with some complex problems, they can ask old people for advice so that they will be able to make better decisions.