May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #14 Describe an interesting person that you never meet but want to know

Describe an interesting person that you never meet but want to know
You should say:
Who this person is
How you know this person
Why you never meet this person
And explain why you want to know this person

I’d like to talk about a student at my university. We are doing the same degree in the same department. But because he is one grade below me, we have never taken the same class and I have never met him before.

I knew him from the newsletter by my school. It said Simon, his name, decided to answer the call from the country and suspend his study to join the army for two years. There were 9 individuals who made the same choice but he was the only one in my department.

I was quite curious why he did that. Being a soldier was not an easy thing in China. You had to undertake heavy training, obey the orders without hesitation and go through a lot of physical exercise. All of these are quite different from the relaxed atmosphere in university. So I want to know his motivation.

Bu at the same time, I admire him. It is soldiers who protect us from attack and save us from various natural disasters. They are the most adorable people in China. I want to be his friend and show my respect. That is why I want to know more about him.

Part 3

What kinds of personality does your friends have?
While, my friends are extrovert and voluble, therefore we can always find something interesting to talk about when we are together. And my friends are open to experience, they are willing to consider new ideas and never be afraid to learn something new.

How to help newcomer adapt to the new environment? Why?
For the newcomer, I think the most important thing is not to be shy. they need to be brave enough to talk with the predecessors, asking about their advice and experience, which can help them to make new friends and adapt to the new environment quickly.

Which one do you prefer, a large social circle or a small one? Why?
I prefer a small social circle. I’m not good at social and a small group of truth friends is enough for me. I prefer to spend more time alone.

Do you have many friends in your community? Why?
Sure. My community is not far away from my university, and lots of my classmates live here, we often go to school or go shopping together.

How do technology help people on relationship?
The technology shorten the distance between people. People can chat with their friends online even they live in different city or country. With the help of WeChat, Facebook, WhatsApp, people can chat with each other without the limitation of distance and time.

Whether the style of dressing reflects people’s personality? Why?
Sure. Outgoing people prefer to wear cloth in bright colors, while, the introverted people prefer to wear in cool colors.