May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #14 Outdoor

1.Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?
2.Did you like to go outside when you were young?
3.Did you often go over to your friends’ house when you were young? it important for children to play outdoors?

1.I prefer to be outdoors. Compared with indoors, outdoor activities are awesome as they can bring more excitement. That really helps me get rid of stress in my life and brings me the freedom even just for a few minutes.
2.Yes, I liked to go outside when I was an adolescent and I often went skating with my friends in my leisure time. Skating is quite popular in my hometown and local people are even born to skate.
3.Yes, I often went over to my friend Lee’s house when I was in junior high school. We lived near each other at that time and my parents were busy with work so that I usually spent time together with Lee after school. We helped each other in our homework, played games and watched variety shows sometime. It was a very nice time.
4.Yes, I think so. Playing outdoors is not only good for children’s health, but also promote them to make friends with those of the same hobby easily. Moreover, when children play outdoors, they need to totally concentrate on it. It doesn’t allow them to have any distraction, which could be really helpful for concentration development.