May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #15 Plan

1.Do you make plans every day?
2.Are you good at managing your time?
3.What is the latest plan you made?
4.What is the hardest part about making plans?

1.No, I do not like to make plans every day. I hope my daily life could be more casual. I mean, I like to follow my heart. I only make plan in some special occasions, like when I am going to have an important examination or presentation.

2.Emm…I think I am as I usually complete tasks before deadline. My calendar is often weeks in advance and I plan in the morning when facing tasks, which leads to higher productivity.

3.The latest plan I made is my trip to Taipei. I went there with three of my friends. I booked our tickets and the hotel for the first night. Since we did not choose to go with a guided tour group, we had to do a lot of research online before hand. Luckily I found a good website which gave me all sorts of information I was desperate to know and made a detailed plan. Even though not everything was perfectly arranged, yet my friends seemed to enjoy themselves as much. Therefore, I consider that plan as a good one.

4.I suppose the hardest part is to schedule the time and things exactly. You know, things keep change and you cannot predict everything. Sometimes when you start to follow the plan, problems keep coming out.