May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #16 Describe a time you received a call from somebody you don’t know in the public

Describe a time you received a call from somebody you don’t know in the public
You should say:
When it happened
Where it was
What the call was about
And explain how you felt about it

I’d like to talk about a phone call I received yesterday from a nurse who works in my community clinic. I got this phone call in the morning when I was on my way to school. She called me to notice that the HPV vaccine reservation that I booked on their website had been canceled and she asked me to change another time. She spoke in a very polite way but her voice was low and she spoke very fast, so it was hard for me to follow her. I kept asking her repeating her words and felt sorry about that.

As for how I felt about this phone call, I felt weird and nervous at first, because recently few people call others for something important. People would choose to send emails. And I was on a bus at that time, I feel sorry for speaking aloud in public place and the noisy on the bus disturbing me.


Are mobile phones very common in your country?
Absolutely yes. In my country, almost everyone has a mobile phone. You can see people holding their phones everywhere. I think mobile phones have already become one of the most necessary things people need to survive.

Do many old people use mobile phones?
Yes, I think so. As mobile phones have already become a necessity of life, more and more old people have no choice but to learn to use them if they want to get in touch with their families and friends.

At what age do people in your country usually get their first cell-phone?
I would guess around the time that the parents trust them not to break or loose them, so they can keep in touch and make sure they know where they are and that they are safe. Probably earlier for girls since they are more protected and worried about and they have interest in communicating. Perhaps later for kids that don’t go out much.

Do you think there are any downsides (bad points) to using a cell-phone?
Yes, of course. Excessive use of mobile phones would cause a waste of time. Many people stick with the mobile phone all the time, it is a wastage of time and energy without any purpose. It is mainly seen in the younger generation. They spending more and more time in play gaming, online chatting, waste most of the time on social media.

What can someone do if they lose their cell-phone?
First, don’t panic and try to recall where exactly you left your phone. Then, try to call your phone using another phone to see if someone found your phone. But if you’re sure it is lost forever or stolen, call the police immediately and report your loss of SIM card to get a new one.

Do people use their cell-phones more for speaking or more for sending text messages?
It depends. In my opinion, young people are more willing to text while older people make phone calls more. This may because youngsters have more proficiency in typing with phones as they do that often, while older people sometimes find typing with phones inconvenient.