May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #16 Math

1.Do you think mathematics is important?
2.Do you think it’s difficult to learn mathematics well?
3.Are girls generally good at mathematics?
4.Do you often use a calculator?

1.Yes, I think it is. We all need a basic grounding in maths so that we can do daily tasks, like managing our money, working out bills, and so on. But for some advanced mathematics, it depends on what you do. For example, if you are a programmer, math would be very important. But if you are a writer, math is not quite useful.

2.Yes, of course. Learning math is just like solving puzzles. My math teacher once told me it would be satisfying when you could get an answer. Unfortunately, as I grew up, especially after being introduced to more advanced math, I can hardly feel this sense. So personally I find it quite difficult to learn math well.

3.Emm…I do not think girls are generally good at mathematics, especially advanced mathematics. Although girls are generally careful enough to do some simple math problems and calculations, they behave worse in mathematical logic. Plus, many girls consider math is too far over their heads.

4.It depends. I like to exercise my brain with some simple calculations, but I use a calculator to cope with the complex stuff .