May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #18 Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time

Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time
You should say:
who he or she is
what he or she does
why he or she helps others
how you feel about him or her

I’d like to talk about my neighbor who devotes herself in volunteer work. She was an English teacher and now she has retired four years. She told me that she started doing volunteer work since she retired because at that time, she had nothing to do. In these four years, she has helped many people. For example, she once went to remote villages to help students as an English teacher and she also sponsored a student whose family can’t support her education.

As to the reason why her likes helping others, she thinks that helping others can enrich her life and make others happy at the same time. Even though she is not very rich, she still will donate money to help those who are poorer than her.
I really appreciate her selflessness. I think she set an excellent example for me. Present rose to others with remaining fragrance at hand. Sometimes if I have time, I will go to do volunteer with her to help those who need help.

Part 3

Are you willing to help others?
Certainly. As I said, present rose to others with remaining fragrance at hand. When we help others, we will feel happy as well. Besides, I help others because I hope that one day when I need help. Others can give me a hand.

Who should teach children help others?
Parents and teachers. At home, parents should set good examples for their kids and tell them to help others. And in school, it’s teachers’ responsibilities to teach students how to be a good person and make contributions to the society.

Should people lend money to others?
It depends. If you are very familiar with this person and he/she really need money, I think we can lend money to him/her to solve some urgent problems. But if this person is not trustworthy, we can’t lend money to him/her.

Do you think the young people in the past help more than the young people in the present?
I don’t think so. Both young people in the past and present help others. It has nothing to do with the time but relates to the mindset and morality of a person. If a person is good and selfless, he will be willing to help others.

Why and how can parents teach children to help others?= Should parents encourage children to help others? Because helping others is the trait passing by from an ancient time in China, and also by doing so, one can feel satisfied heart and soul. Parents should definitely encourage their kids to help others. There’s a Chinese saying that ‘you will get the small of rose left on your hand if you send others a rose.’

How can school teach students to help others?
There are various ways to do so, like showing them videos, books about those glorious stories. The helpful child always has a beautiful heart, thus forming a passionate, lively and cheerful personality.

Do you want to choose careers that can help others, e.g. nurse, teacher? Why should teachers and doctors help others?
Yes, I’d like to. Actually, I’ve always dream about being a teacher when I grow up. Because not only can teachers help with students’ academic achievement, but also can they help shape and light up their future.

How can the government help poor people? =What should the government do in helping people?
Methods are various, like building up helping center, giving away money to them, etc. However, the most doable way in my opinion is teaching them a technique that can help them gain money in a long run. Only in this way, can they stop being poor and become rich in the future.

How do you think about charity organizations that are not run by the government?
I think it’s good. From my perspective, as long as the organization is doing good to the society, it should be promoted. And those charities run by personal can still help poor people, so there’s no reason we should reject that.

Is it important to help others?
Yes of course, helping others is of great importance to our society. Imagine that a society without help from others, that must be a dead society. And helping others is also helping the people who is giving help.

What kinds of people need help?
The current society has too many unfair, dramatic and contingent things. I personally think that a person who is constantly fighting and often let the villain be killed because of his own privacy is the person who is worth helping.