May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #18 Work or study

1.What work do you do?
2.Why did you choose to do that type of work (or that job)?
3.Do you like your job? it very interesting?
5.(Possibly) Do you miss being a student?
6.What do you want to do when you graduate?
7.What subjects do you like or dislike?
8.Which school are you studying in?
9.Why did you choose this school?

1.I work as a hr in a foreign company and my job is to hire personnel for my company.

2.Because I like to communicate with people and the salary of hr is not bad.

3.Of course. I can communicate with different people and know more about the market. For example, when I hire someone, I will know the requirements of the position. And I know what kind of talents is needed nowadays.

4.Yes. I can communicate with different people and learn their stories. When interviewing, I can share ideas with them and sometimes learn new things from them.

5.A little. because as a student, I don’t have as much pressure as being an employee. I have lots of free time and I can go to travel with my friends.

6.Being a lawyer, maybe. Because my major is law and I admire those professional lawyers who can help vulnerable people.

7.I like Chinese, because it’s a beautiful language and even a simple sentence or a word can produce different meanings. Even though Chinese is my mother tongue, I still want to study it further.

8.I’m studying in XXX university which is located in XXX. The campus is not very large, but well-equipped.

9.Well, because the law which is my favorite major, in this school ranked very high in China. so I choose this school without any hesitation.