May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #20 Describe a park or garden you visited and liked

Describe a park or garden you visited and liked. You should say:
where it was;
what it looked like;
what you did there;
and explain why you liked it there.

I’d like to talk about a park which is located close to my home. I always went there with my grandparents on weekends when I was little.

The park was filled with a variety of trees and plants and built around an artificial lake, in which you can go boating and fishing.

That’s a park full of my precious childhood memory. When I went boating on the lake during summertime, I can see some wild ducks and love birds . Sometimes my grandfather would rent a fishing pole and went fishing on the bank of the lake. I was not a child with good patience, so most of the time I would rather running back and forth down the path made of pebbles. Grandmother told me to take off my shoes and stepped on the pebbles on sunny days. It was like a message, which let my body be warm and comfortable.

That park is an ideal place for children and old people. The retired people take their birds in the morning, and they also practice shadow boxing and go dancing in the park. I really enjoyed to go there with my grandparents. It’s a community park full of life and love. Even now, I will go there from time to time.


Should parks charge admission fees?
Well, it depends. I don’t think local people should pay for the tickets of their community parks, it’s part of the community equipment and it doesn’t cost much to maintain such small parks, which means the cost can be covered by the local government. But when it comes to the national park, it’s reasonable to charge the entrance fee because most of the national parks contained a number of geological heritage and precious propagation which needs well protection.

Should every town have their own parks?
I can’t agree more with this. Nowadays most of the cities and towns in China is in lack of public area which is an essential place for the communication among the residents. Chinese people used to have a close relationship with their neighbors, but now the neighbourhood is much more blander. I believe parks can be a good solution to this problem. At least old people and children can have a place for communication and social intercourse.

What is the value of nature to children?
I suppose if children are brought close to the nature, they will be more likely to have the consciousness of protecting plants and animals even after they have grown up. Nature is the best classroom for children to learn about environmental protection.

Should there be parks in cities?
Sure. Parks are places for people to breathe fresh air and have fun. Old people can do morning exercises, and children can play games in the park. people will have a better mood if they go to the parks.

How can we encourage children to go to parks?
We can set up some programs that is suitable for children. I believe small playgrounds in the parks can attract them, and add some places where children can have a close contact with small animals, such us feeding pigeon and fish.

Are there many parks in your city?
Yes, there are many parks in my city, especially in the district I live in. My grandparents like to go to the central park of the district to attend the Taiji group every Monday and Wednesday. My parents may go to the park near our house to take our dog for a walk. I work in another district which is in the centre of Shanghai and I usually go for a walk in the People’s Park with my colleagues after lunch.

Why do people go to gardens?
Parks are places for people to breathe fresh air and have fun. Old people can do morning exercises, and children can play games in the park. people will have a better mood if they go to the parks.

What’s the difference between public gardens and private gardens?
Public gardens are places for the residents live in the neighbourhood to communicate and doing outdoor activities. They are running by the government or the local community, while private gardens are run by individuals or companies owned by individuals. Most of the private gardens are not open to the public or may charge tickets fee.

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