May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #21 Describe a time you visited a place with friends

Describe a time you visited a place with friends.
You should say:
where you went;
what you did there;
who you were with;
and explain why it was a memorable experience.

I went to my dad’s office with my friend Yanny a few months ago. It was an amazing experience and this is the first time I went to his new office where he joined 2 years ago. The working environment was nice and adorable. Dad was surprised seeing us there too. We went there from our college and get back to the college again after meeting with him. Dad worked for a multinational corporation in Shanghai while the headquarters of the office was in Malaysia. The company had its wings in some other European countries too. It mostly dealt with export and import of varieties of goods including cosmetics and toiletries products. The office was located at a corner of Pudong area covering a large space. It accommodated about 30 employees altogether and I found everyone busy with their respective tasks while my dad was in charge of the office. Visiting dad’s office was a memorable experience and I enjoyed spending time with my friend there. I loved the way of office arrangement. Everyone was performing their responsibilities in different positions. In a word everything in the office was standard. I liked the office space and inner allocation of staffs. That was unforgettable.


What are the qualities of a good friend?
Trustworthiness is a great quality as a friend. For good traits of friend, there should also be patience, understandable and always be the strongest support to each other, both heart and soul.

Do you prefer to have one or two close friends or a wide circle of friends (=many friends) ?
For me, I’d like to have only 2 or less best friends, but for general friends, I don’t mind if there’s more. Because best friends are those who can understand me and are trust worthy to share my secrets with. I don’t want my story to be known by all the people but only with my best friends.

In modern society, which do you think is more important, old friends or new friends?
I think both of them are important to me. Because friends are those who help me out from difficulties and share my happiness and sadness with. No matter old and new, they all company me through a lot of situations and time, thus are all valuable to me.

Do children and adults make friends in the same way?
Not really, I think children will make friends simpler, maybe only based on their preferences. But for adults, they may likely be influence by the outside environment, such as wealthy, work, or family background. So, in my point of view, totally different.

Do you think it’s easier to make friends today than it used to be?
No, as we grow older, it’s becoming more and more difficult to make friends. Since we may be influenced by so many different factors and issues. Our mind is not as simple and pure as before and will not decide in a short time period. So, the answer is negative.

Why do some people choose to make friends on the internet?
I think there are two reasons: first, we are spending more and more time on the internet nowadays, as the number of people using internet grows, it’s becoming easier to make online friends; Secondly, some people may be introverted and shy to talk to people in person, so making friends online will be their best choice.