May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #22 Describe a time the vehicle you were travelling in broke down

Describe a time the vehicle you were travelling in broke down.
You should say:
where you were going;
who you were with;
how long it took to fix the vehicle;
and explain how you felt about it.

I got to thinking about an experience during my exchange semester in Melbourne. It was a road trip we planned for a long time, we rented a SUV from a travel agency in Melbourne city. We wanted to do some sightseeing in Tasmania before the semester ended, but we didn’t have it inspected when we rented it. Unluckily, the car overheated half way on the road and couldn’t run again. We felt desperate and did not know what to do, the only method we came up with that time was to call the car renting company. At first the line was always busy, we waited for 5mins and finally someone came onto the line. After asking what happened and what we needed from them, they sent two workers and a new car to us. It took them 4hrs to get to the place where we were. Then we got a new car and the company took the old one away. Though we haven’t expected that happen at the first place, the rest of the trip went extremely well and till now, it became our precious memory lifelong.

Part 3

What kinds of transportation are there in your hometown?
Since my hometown is a small city, there isn’t much various transportation there. All they have are buses, bicycles and taxis. The buses run limited routine and the taxi usually doesn’t run the taximeter on. A lot of people choose walk or cycle to commute, because it’s a small city.

What kinds of vehicle (or car) do people in your hometown buy?
They usually buy SUVs or those mini buses which can carry both people and stuff. Most of the people in my hometown enjoys travelling, so they prefer the car has well-rounded function in different environments. Besides that, price is also a factor that they need to think of.

How do you think transportation will (or might) change in the future?
In my perspective, transportation will bring people closer and help us save plenty of time, thus improving efficiency. By the function they have, will be more modernized and maybe can run without human control. There will also be those transportation which can accustomed to different conditions, like air, water, and land.

Compare vehicles today with vehicles in the past.
Nowadays, with the development of modern technology, vehicles are more environmentally friendly and time saving. For example, with flight transportation, people can travel thousands of kilometers away from where they are within a day. And there are electronic cars help reduce the usage of fuel in the future.

How do you think vehicles could be improved? (Perhaps, the word “cars” or “motor vehicles” is used)
I think motor vehicles should be added more protection to drivers. Nowadays, the mortality rate among motor vehicles is raising, due to the complicated unground situation. Motor drivers and passengers are most likely to expose a large proportion of their body in danger. So, if their safety is improved, a lot of families may be saved.

What do you think about the traffic conditions in your hometown?
Well, to be honest, not very good. Especially during recent years, when people are becoming wealthier, a lot of family can afford a car in my hometown. But the case is, the old road cannot hold so many cars together on the road, so, more and more congestions are there. So, overall, it’s not very well.

How can we solve the problems of traffic jams during the rush hours?
We can advocate different ways to commute, like taking a bike, taking public transportations, and walk. These can help ease the pressure on road, and also let people do more exercise. Sometimes, public transportation like subway, bus, and tram are more convenient in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. So, people can choose to alter their way of going to work and study.