May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #23 Email

1.Do you think it’s important to reply emails quickly?
2.Who do you write to?
3.What kind of email do you receive that makes you happy?
4.How often do you write an email?

1.Of course! It’s about respect. We should respect the writer who write the email. Besides, the writer must be waiting us to reply. If we reply quickly, they won’t be anxious.

2.Usually, I write emails to my boss, my colleagues/ teachers, because it’s a more formal way of notice than talking on phone or sending a message.

3.All the emails conveying good news will make me happy. For example, when I receive the offer sent by my dream school, I will be extraordinary happy.

4.About once a week, since I have to write to my boss to present him what I have done in the last week.