May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #24 Describe a time you solved a problem online

Describe a time you solved a problem online.
You should say:
when and where it happened;
what problem you solved;
how long it took you to solve the problem;
and explain how you felt about it.

I’d like to talk about the time when I searched on the Internet for my assignment. It was a task about a presentation of a businessman. Last week, I decided to talk about Steve Jobs, who was the CEO, chairman and co-founder of Apple incorporated. I started to use apply products when I was a high school student and I’m very interested in his career and life.

It took me one hour to look for information. I found the websites and videos about Steve Jobs. In order to ?? my presentation, I wanted to found some information about how he become a pioneer of the microcomputer revolution, and become one of those geniuses that changed the world. On the Internet, I found his commencement speech at Stanford university and the pdf of his autobiography, which helps me a lot. Before I searched on the Internet, I went to my school library and local library. There were only two books about Steve and they didn’t mention much about his career. So, I decided to search online. It took me almost a week to finish this assignment, and finally I got a Distinction in this course. I felt happy about my accomplishment and that became a memorable experience for me.

What kind of information you have to find online? Why?
Well, recently I have to find the information about the admission requirements of my target schools. You know the criteria changes every year, so I have to visit the official website of the school for the newest information.

Do you enjoy finding information online? Why?
Yes, of course. Finding information online can save a lot of time. I can find whatever I want and the only thing I need to do is to type them to the search engine.

How is the quality of search results?
Well, it depends on the search engine used for searching. Generally I can find the information I need, but it still takes me some efforts to screen out the specific information.

Has the way people get information changed? Why and How?
Yes, especially in China. Recent years smart-phones is widely used and the 4G networks have covered most area in China, so Chinese people are getting used to get information online instead of reading newspaper or go to the library.