May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #24 Restaurant

1.What kind of restaurant do you like to go? Why?
2.Do you go to the restaurant to celebrate something?
3.Would you like to try new restaurant in the future?
4.Do you prefer to go to a restaurant alone or with friends?

1.I like to go to Japanese restaurants. Because sushi is my favorite food. However, as a Chinese I don’t know how to make sushis by myself. So I go for sushis in Japanese restaurants at least twice a month.

2.No, I don’t. Actually my parents are chefs with rich experience and dishes cooked by them are very delicious. In this case, we eat at home to celebrate every event such as he birthday of each family member.

3.Yes, I do. You know one of my dreams is to find out all of the delicious food all over the food. Tasty food can always delight me. So if a new restaurant opens, I will try food served by it without hesitation.

4.I prefer to go to a restaurant with friends so that we can chat with each other while eating. In addition, we can share dishes with each other. If I have to eat alone, I will feel somehow lonely.