May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #25 Sky

1.Do you like looking into the sky? Why?
2.Where is the most suitable place for sky watching?
3.Do you prefer to watch the sky in the daytime or at night?
4.Have you learned anything about stars or planets at school?
5.What`s the sky looks like at night in your hometown?
6.Is it important to study stars?
7.What`s your favorite star?

1.I like to look into the blue sky, especially when there are some beautiful clouds. I will image what the clouds look like.

2.I think the best place for sky-watching is on the top of the mountain, which sky looks more clear with the green mountain.

3.I prefer to do this in the daytime, when I can watch the plane, the birds and the clouds.

4.I’ve learned something about planets in science class in my senior high school, but I’m not good at memorizing the names of the planets, so I don’t like that.

5.It’s not very beautiful, because of the air pollution in my hometown. There’s always a foggy day, so we can not find stars at night.

6.Sure,students can benefit from learning about stars, they can acquire knowledge about the universe and expand their horizons.

7.My favorite star is the sun, which is a symbol of warmth and happiness for me. I always feel happy when I can feel the sunshine.