May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #26 Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person

Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person.
You should say:
When it happened
What you taught
Who you taught to
Why you taught this person
And how you felt about the teaching.

In last Spring Festival, I met my nephew who was only five years old. I liked him very much because he is very cute, and he liked to play with me as well. When we had dinner together, he insisted to sit beside me and when he saw me use chopsticks so flexibly that I can catch a meatball for him, he asked me to teach him to use chopsticks. Unable to reject such an adorable child, I took a pair of chopsticks and started to teach him. At first, I told him how to take chopsticks and did myself as an example. Then I asked him to use his middle finger to control the chopsticks. Finally, he practiced and tried to catch a piece of meat which is his favorite food. Unfortunately, he failed the first time, but he didn’t give up. After trying several times, he succeeded. He was very happy and I also gained a sense of achievement. Although he still couldn’t use chopsticks as flexibly as an adult, he made huge progress. About a month later, I bought a set of child’s chopsticks for him so that he can practice more easily. Surprisingly, last week, I met him and found that he can use chopsticks very well.

Part 3

What skills should be taught to children?
Well, kids have plenty of skills to learn since they are just born, but the most basic things for them to learn are about how to deal with their daily activities like eating. Once they have learnt how to eat by themselves, it can both reduce parents’ work and enhance children’s sense of achievement. They will feel happy as well.

What can children learn from teachers and parents?
From teachers, children can learn knowledge about the world and explore the world. For example, teachers will show children how to draw and the sun will rise in the morning. And parents can teach children how to make friends and be polite.

What are the skills that you wanted to learn?
I want to learn how to take photos. I mean to be a professional photographer. Because I hope that I can take beautiful photos when I travel so that I can remember those wonderful scenes and show to others.

What skills do adults need to have?
The skill to operate computer is necessary for an adult nowadays since computer is an indispensable part of our life and work. With this skill, we can work more efficiently.

How can people be motivated to learn new things?
It depends. For me, I will learn new things when these things influence my work or life. For example, one time I need to do a homework which needs to use Photoshop. Unluckily, I didn’t know how to use this software at all. In order to finish my homework, I learnt to use it by my own.