May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #27 Driving

1.Do you drive a car?
2.When did you get your driver’s license?
3.How did you get your driver’s license?
4.Was it easy to get your drivers license?
5.Do you think it’s important to get a driver’s license?
6.Do you think it’s important to pay attention to safety when driving?
7.Do you think it’s important to drive well?
8.What do you think might happen if a driver had poor driving skills?
9.What advice would you give people about safe driving?
10.Do you plan to get a driver’s license?
11.Do you think it’s necessary to learn to drive?

1.Yes, I drive a car, but I do not have my own car, so I usually drive my father’s car when it is available.

2.I got my driver’s license in the summer holidays before I went to university, as I had much free time and less pressure at that time.

3.Firstly, you may take the driving lessons about transportation laws and driving skills. Then you have to pass several tests, including theory and practice.

4.For me, it is a little challenging to get my driver’s license. To be honest, I was afraid of drive on the road at first.

5.I think it does not matter whether anyone gets a driver’s license, as the majority of people in my country take public transportation more.

6.Of course. You should be responsible for the lives of yourself and others when driving. Therefore, it is imperative to pay attention to safety so that it can avoid traffic accidents.

7.Yes, I think driving well can make people in the car feel more comfortable and safe, so it is significant.

8.If a driver had poor driving skills, there would be more chances of traffic accidents.

9.In my opinion, what really counts is keeping a clear mind while driving. I mean, you ought to realize your responsibility and avoid distraction and alcohol.

10.Yes, I believe getting a driving license can make my life more convenient. In that case, I can drive a car to commute and travel somewhere near my hometown.

11.Considering that most people take public transportation in daily life, I do not think it is necessary to learn to dive. But I believe it is better to have a good command of driving skills.