May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #28 Pets/Animals

1.What kind of wild animal do you like most?
2.Do you love to see the animals in the zoo?
3.Do you have a pet?
4.Do you think it’s a good thing for children to learn about animals?
5.What`s your favorite animal? Why?
6.What kinds of animals as a pet do the people have in your country?
7.Do you think cities are suitable places for keeping a pet?
8.Should we teach children to protect animals?
9.If you have children in the future, will you allow them to raise a pet?
10.Compare with the past, is there any changes concerning pets in your country/ hometown?

1.I like pandas because it’s fat and cute. Whenever I see them walking, I will worry if they will fall.

2.Yes. When I was young, my parents always took me to the zoo to see the animals. And now on weekends, sometimes I go there with my friends as well.

3.Unfortunately, I don’t have any. I really want to have a pet, but my parents don’t think I have time to take care of it since I’m very busy with my study/work.

4.I think so. By learning animals, children can broaden their horizons and have compassion on animals.

5.I like dogs, because it’s cute and loyal. When you make friends with it, it will never betray you. And it’s smart as well. It seems it can communicate with human beings.

6.Generally, people have dogs or cats as their pet. Because these two kinds animals are easy to raise and friendly to human.

7.Honestly, I think animals should be closer to nature. When people keep them in cities, they will lose some of their instincts.

8.Of course we should. Animals have lives. They deserve to be treated fairly. When we teach children to protect animals, they will make the world better and avoid being crucial and indifferent.

9.Of course. I always dreamed of raising a pet, but my parents don’t allow me to have one. So if my child want to raise one, I will be happy to agree that without any hesitation.

10.Well, in the past, only a few people raised pets, but now the number of people who owing a pet booms. Some families even have more than one pets.

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