May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #29 Describe an occasion someone you know did not tell

Describe an occasion someone you know did not tell
you the complete truth.
You should say:
what the situation was;
who was involved;
why they didn’t tell you the complete truth;
and explain how you felt when you found out you were not told the complete truth.

Well, this topic reminds me of the experience that I bought a pair of shoes last year. At that time, when I was browsing the internet, an advertise popped up. It introduced the shoes of Nike. There are many pictures in which many beautiful models wear different kinds of Nike shoes. At the first sight, I liked the white one with a silver line in the back of the shoe. The words next to the picture read that it is comfortable and light and suitable for running and climbing. I was totally attracted by it, so I clicked the advertise to buy it. After several days, I received my shoes. However, when I checked it, I found there were some defects and when I wear it, I didn’t think it was comfortable. Even when I walk for a short time, I would feel tired. So I requested a refund, but unfortunately, once I received the shoes, I can’t refund. After I negotiated with the seller several times, we didn’t make a deal. Finally, the seller even neglected my message and didn’t answer me. So I figured out that I was deceived and the seller didn’t tell me that the shoes are fake and I can’t refund because he wanted to earn money by selling these fake shoes. I fell disappointed and lose confidence in online shopping.

Part 3

Do you think there are liars in this world? And how they end it?
Of course there are. The seller who sold fake shoes to me is a liar. As to how they end it, I think they will tell many other lies to cover the first one. Finally, all the lies will expose.

Do people like to lie? Why people tell a lie?
It depends. Some people are crazy about lies. They are afraid of telling truth because of their sense of inferiority. They hope they can receive respect and love by telling lies. For example, some people will tell lies to pretend that they are rich so that others will respect them.

What`s the occasion when people tell a white lie?
Maybe when the truth will hurt us. For example, when I study in other city, my parents will always tell me that they are healthy and happy even when they are sick, because they don’t want us to worry about them.

What`s the consequence does people lie?
Generally, people will never trust the liar. Sometimes even when the liar is telling the truth, people will still think it’s a lie. However, if it’s a white lie, some people will forgive the “liar” and the relationship will be closer.

What kind of technology can help us to find out the truth?
Well, there are a lot. For example, when I bought a pair of shoes and don’t know whether it is genuine, there are machines that can distinguish the genuine one from fake one.