May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic #30 Describe a time you received bad service at a restaurant or a shop

Describe a time you received bad service at a restaurant or a shop.
You should say:
what goods or services you bought;
who you were with when you were served;
why you went there;
and explain why you think their service was bad.

Talking about a time I received bad service, I would like to describe my experience in a restaurant. Several months ago, I booked a private room in the restaurant near my university to entertain my tutor. I hoped it would be a nice dinner and the room could be quite so that we could discuss about the topics of my paper and my career plan. However, this restaurant offered slow service and tasteless food. Worse still, I heard a loud noise from the neighboring room. It sounded like some people were were arguing over something. Feeling annoyed, the conversation was disrupted and could not go well, so I complained about this to the waiter and the manager. I asked for several times and they promised to coordinate but nothing took effect. In the end, we talked about nothing I expected and had a such terrible night. Hence, I considered it as the worst service I have ever met with.

Part 3

What jobs require staff to get in touch with many people?
Sales-related jobs require staff to get in touch with many people because they need to deal with all kinds of people to develop customers and sell their products or services.

What qualities do the staff’s needs? Why?
The staffs must be outgoing and have good interpersonal skills. With a wide circle of friends, they can get information and resources more easily. Moreover, they should have the ability to express themselves. What really counts is that they know how to convey their thoughts and convince others of their ideas and what they say at work.

How does a company train the staff?
Good preparation ensures more effective training. The company prepares appropriate and effective content and materials to get the staff familiar with their work units and improve their skills. Some companies may use external agencies to run their staff training program more.

Do you think your countries’ sales persons have a good servicing awareness, why?
I think sales persons have a good servicing awareness in my country because e-business are boom and the competition is intense, which pushes the sales people to be outstanding so that they can attract and retain customers.

List some jobs you think need good servicing awareness, why?
In my opinion, all the jobs in the servicing industry need good servicing awareness, such as the waiter, the salesman and the air hostess because they have to build interpersonal relations with the customers and create trust and mutual respect.